IISM Kuantan – Slaughtering Course 2018

On 10th March 2018, IISMK held an Ibadah Course: Islamic Slaughtering Workshop with the aim to educate the students on slaughtering from Islamic Perspective. Students from Grade 5 until Grade 11 had opportunity to learn more on the aspects of halal and haram food, and the importance of ensuring cleanliness in food preparation. The day started with talk of the concept of animal sacrifice in islam by Ustaz Amir and Teacher Majid. Then, at 9.00 am, students gather at parking area near canteen to look on slaughtering demonstration and did practical on slaughtering in groups by monitoring from the teachers. Students and teacher together plucking the feather and did cutting and cleaning the chicken. Half of the chicken was given to the canteen to be cooked and another half is for BBQ. At the end of the event, all students and teachers pray zuhr at the musolla and disperse.