IIUM Kuantan – Petronas Love Our Beach Campaign

On Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 14 students and 2 teachers of International Islamic School Malaysia (Kuantan) attended the “Petronas Love Our Beach Campaign” which was held at Pantai Sungai Baging, Kuantan.

It was an extremely enjoyable event. We managed to learn about the importance of planting pine trees at the beach as well as the benefit they bring to those who live near the beach. Although the weather was not completely on our side, it was an experience to be cherished for years to come. The event was so delightful and knowledgeable and the students were hoping to participate in other similar events in the future.

The students were always had a great interest in saving the environment since they were young. They also acknowledged that the environment plays the big role in their lives. Thus, they were delighted to be able to contribute to planting pine trees at the beach. It was made simple by the kind and helpful staffs and the planting were so convenience because they were around.

Furthermore, the students were also entertained by the educational talks about saving the environment and demonstrations that definitely pleased the crowd. The event was ended with the appreciation gift ceremony to all participants.

Hopefully, such event will be held more in the future as it is promised to maintain the eco-system as well as in the effort to make Pantai Sungai Baging as the ‘forest recreational beach’.