IISM Secondary achievement in the KMC 2016


International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM) Secondary students has achieve another astonishing accomplishment. This time by excelling in the Kangaroo Math Competition 2016 held on March 24th 2016. A total of 63 IISM students from Grades 7 – 11 participated in this competition.



Final Result :

Medal Participants Country
Gold  Ma Wen Xuan @ Omar  China
Silver  Sana Nadeem

Hamzah Khaled Hamdy El-Demery



Bronzes Ma Xu @ Dhuha

Adzka Rizqillah Adlin

Su Yadong @ Shamsul

Yan Xiao Dan @ Adam

Ma Yu @ Hamid

Yasumin Saengphaichit

Raziq Irfan Azman








Honorable Mention  31 students
Participant  22 students


Brief speech by the IISM Secondary Principal

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is the world’s largest mathematics contest, with participation from more than 6 million students from 50+ countries annually. The Kangaroo, also known as Le Kangourou in French, was originated in France in the early 1980s, inspired by the success of a similar contest in Australia (hence, the contest is named after the famed Australian marsupial). The contest is organized by the Association Kangourou san Frontieres (AKSF), based in Paris. Malaysia joined AKSF as a member in 2012. IISM Secondary joined KMC Malaysia in 2012 as well. Since then we have participated and received medals and Honourable Mention. Year after year we improved our small society (Maths Olympiad) and in 2016 we had 63 participants.
Thankfully this year have received the first gold medal of the competition.
Hope there are more medals to come.

The KMC consists of one round of multiple choice question paper, which is given at the student’s own school. This arrangement allows the maximum number of students to participate. There are no selection rounds or qualifying exam, there is only one paper to be taken by the participants. All participants in the world will write the same test on the same day, called the Kangaroo Day.

On behalf of the school management team, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah who has bestowed us with the current achievement, awesome league of teachers, admin staff and students and proactive ILESB management team under the helm of Tuan Haji Khaharuddin Abdul Rahman. We hope that IISM schools would be alble to maintain the current state of excellent quality in providing educational services and facilities to Muslim ummah. Jazakallahukhairan kathira.

Zulfan HaidarPrincipal of IISM Secondary