IISM Kuantan – Leadership Course : Prefect & Librarian 2017/2018

Realizing the importance of creating good leaders amongst the students, IISM (Kuantan) had organized a Prefects and Librarians Course which took place on 9th September 2017 at Taman Gelora and IISM (Kuantan). The course was kicked off with 3 activities namely ball juggle, bounce card and hot chocolate river. These activities were selected as it can help the students understand the importance of responsibilities being a perfect or a librarian, train them to be good listeners as well as to inculcate the good team work between them.  In the last two slots, these bunch of students was divided into teams as they were needed to brainstorm, discuss and present the projects of school beautification and charity. Here, they were trained to write a paperwork and how to propose it to the school management. The course ended at 4.15 pm with the certificates giving session and photo taking.