Fire Drill by the Fire Bridged

20th October 2017, 10:30 am
School Field

The Fire Drill routine is to give information to the students and staffs on how to save their life if there is fire happening at school. The Fire Drill was supervised by the local fire bridged. Students and staff were briefly told to follow instruction during excavation to safe place:-

  1. Calmly move to the assembly area
  2. Gather according to student class group
  3. Classroom teacher will take attendance to check everyone has gathered

The fire bridged showed how to take off the fire extinguisher safety pin and demonstrate on how to safely use the fire extinguisher. Few teachers took part in practicing using the fire extinguisher.

In conclusion, fire drill is important as an awareness and also knowledge on what to do if there is fire in our building. Such precaution can prevent casualty and save lives.