Al-Furqaan Programme


Haflah Ta’zim Al-Furqan

There is no reason for us to abandon the great Islamic emphasis on education. In fact, nurturing the qualities of pious children should start from their early childhood.

Being aware of these circumstances, ‘Haflah Ta’zim Al-Furqan’ Program has been launched at Sek Men Setiabudi in January 2016. This pioneer batch of students was chosen from a number of applicants who had gone through stringent process of selection including recitation of al-Quran and proficiency in Arabic language. Prior to the enrollment as Form One students, they had achieved Mumtaz in their ‘Peperiksaan Sekolah Rendah Agama’ (PSRA) and obtained 5As in ‘Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah’ (UPSR) respectively.

It is clear that the pious people play a crucial role in building a blessed nation, thus, the General Manager of IIUM Lower Education Sdn Bhd, Mr Khaharuddin Abdul Rahman, believes this 5-year program is one of the great initiatives to nurture a generation who are holistic and rounded Muslim personalities that excellent in academic and Al-Quran in order to follow the great tradition of Islamic scholarship which combine the Islamic revealed knowledge (wahyu) and acquired knowledge.