Messages from Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Dear visitors,

It is a privilege to extend a warm welcome to the official website of IIUM Schools Sdn Bhd (ISSB) – formerly known as IIUM Lower Education Sdn Bhd..

International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM) and Sekolah Setiabudi (SS), have been operating in the tranquil area of Gombak which is located at the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur since the year of 1998 (IISM), 2000 (SS Primary) and 2005 (SS Secondary). With a humble start of 30 students in 1998, the numbers of student enrolled in early 2018 have multiplied to 2170 students that come from 47 countries including Malaysia. The positive increment of students enrollment indicates that the academic and non-academic teams have their own strengths to get the quality of these campuses up to par with the international standards which not only enables each campus to remain its good reputation until today, but to pursue and expand the market in the near future.

As Abu Bakar As-Siddiq (R.A.) says “knowledge is the life of the mind”, both of the schools have provided conducive learning environment that promotes the schools’ vision and missions in a way of educating and inspiring each youth to become a thoughtful, independent, plus, well-rounded individual along with the good academic performance and personality. Here, the greater emphasis on Islamic values and perspectives have been applied in the formal education, i.e., Hikmah programme, and the informal education which happens outside the classroom, for instance, Congregational Prayers, Usrah, Ibadah Camps, Tahfeez programme etcetera. Our curricula are constantly being monitored by teams of educators from the Kulliyyah of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia in order to preserve the state of the art of the teaching methodology and curricular contents.

With the understanding that young people tend to have greater desire for outdoor activities, comprehensive facilities for the sport and games are available in our school compound such as swimming pool, football field, futsal pitch, basketball and badminton courts, plus, archery and fencing equipments. Besides, almost all the classes have been equipped with ICT facilities apart from computer and science laboratories.

I believe that both schools are creating more opportunities to unleash the students’ potential in moulding competent Islamic graduates as well as good and responsible global citizen. The teaching staff that come from all over the world, i.e., the West, Middle East, the African Continent, the Sub-continent, South-East Asia and Malaysia, are well-qualified and committed in serving and providing a world-class education for the leaders of tomorrow.

Last but not least, I am very excited to welcome you join our big family.

Thank you.

Khaharuddin Abdul Rahman
Chief Executive Officer, ISSB